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Pharyngitis is one of the most common diseases in winter. Although it is mostly of viral origin, it can also be bacterial. Body resistance occurs when it cannot overcome the common cold.

Acute pharyngitis transmitted through droplets begins with cough, runny nose, fever and weakness. Complaints are increasing and the general condition of the child is deteriorating.

If not treated in a timely and correct manner, an infection related to otitis media, streptococci (contagious and more commonly found in the tonsils) can lead to heart rheumatism.

This common disease usually occurs when viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections settle in the main bronchi. Therefore, a simple upper respiratory tract infection, although very rare, can turn into bronchitis within days.

Pneumonia, which can be defined as filling the air sacs in the lungs with an inflammatory fluid, is more common in children with heart disease or previous lung disease and in preterm births.

In pneumonia, which is a disease transmitted by viruses or bacteria, the child has a serious respiratory distress and a sick image. If bacteria cause the disease, antibiotics are required.

Symptoms of rhinitis appear 12-36 hours after the virus enters the body. In addition to these symptoms, which can be listed as runny nose and congestion, sneezing, burning in the throat, dry cough, head and sore throat, weakness and mild fever, burning, tearing and redness in the eyes can also be seen.

In the disease caused by viruses, the picture is a little more severe than the cold. Chills, high fever, headache and muscle aches can be seen. Headache increases due to eye movements. Fever above 38.5 degrees usually lasts three days, and it can be seen to extend up to eight days. Complaints of pain in the chest, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain occur in the child due to the flu.

Edema caused by the infections caused by the microbe causes fluid accumulation and pain in the ear. Pain and discharge in the ear, hearing loss with fever can be seen.

Sinuses give different findings according to their locations. But the main symptom is pain on the eye, on the edge of the nose and under the eyes due to pressure. A localized headache may be accompanied by changes in tone of voice, fever, cough and nasal discharge.

Dry cough, sore throat, burning sensation in the throat, mild fever is seen. If complaints such as fever, burning sensation in the throat, difficulty swallowing persist after three days, it is necessary to consult a doctor to investigate whether there is a bacterial infection.

Sudden onset hoarseness, barking cough, hoarseness and a hoarse deep voice are among the most typical symptoms.

Breathing becomes more frequent and wheezing, coughing, nasal congestion. Fever, on the other hand, may not be seen depending on the child’s resistance to the virus.

In older children, it manifests itself with intense sputum, wheezing, frequent breathing and coughing attacks. Fever mostly does not exceed 38 degrees. The diagnosis is made based on the child’s clinical picture and x-ray images.

The incidence of pneumonia is increasing, especially with the cooling of the weather. B

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Growth retardation, feeding difficulty, urinary system infection, sepsis, kidney stones, pain, and urinary bleeding may be seen. Older children may experience episodic pain and associated nausea and vomiting.

Diagnosis: The diagnosis can be made by detecting swelling in the kidney in the ultrasound follow-up performed in the mother’s abdomen. Although used frequently during follow-up, ultrasonography alone is not diagnostic in the diagnosis of UPJ stenosis. In ultrasonography, only the enlargement of the kidney pool, namely hydronephrosis and the structure and thickness of the kidney parenchyma tissue, is displayed.Pelvis anterior and posterior diameter is measured, but this neither makes the diagnosis of obstruction, nor shows that it has worsened and recovered. For definitive diagnosis, a method in which the flow of urine from the kidney to the urinary tract is evaluated functionally should be used. One of these classical evaluations is intravenous pyelography (medicated kidney film) called IVP. Here, an enlarged kidney pool is observed due to insufficient excretion of urine from the pelvis. In IVP, the dyestuff shown by the x-rays is given into the vein and this substance is filtered from the kidney. With serial films taken during the excretion of this substance with urine, kidney function, kidney collection systems, drug passage to the ureter and bladder are evaluated. Even if UPJ stenosis is shown in IVP, diuretic DTPA scintigraphy (renogram with diuretic) should be performed in the definitive diagnosis. This is important not only for a definitive diagnosis, but also for the follow-up of postoperative recovery. While the radioactive material given intravenously with the diuretic renogram is filtered from the kidney, the function and drainage in the two kidneys are measured and evaluated separately. In this evaluation, a drainage curve is obtained for both the right and left kidney. The curve with UPJ stenosis does not ejaculate and has a gradually increasing curve. This rising curve should be seen in the definitive diagnosis of UPJ stenosis. Magnetic Resonance Imaging has a unique advantage in evaluating kidney blood flow, anatomy and urine excretion very quickly. Especially the presence of small vessels causing UPJ stenosis is especially important in determining what type of surgery is performed, if there is the presence of crossing vessels that cause stenosis or increase the severity of the already existing stenosis, especially the operations performed by cutting inside the urinary canal (endopyelotomy, below) see) its success is low.

Treatment: Before giving information about the treatment methods, it should be kept in mind that the situation due to bad urine passage in the UPJ at 18 months and younger may be temporary and can recover spontaneously. However, in cases of stenosis and kidney damage caused by this stenosis, the chance of surgical treatment may be inevitable even if it is younger than 18 months. While some babies or children may recover rapidly within months despite the severe UPJ stenosis detected at the initial stage, some do not improve or begin to worsen. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to follow up very closely in children in this age period. The family should be made aware of this issue. This follow-up is usually done by periodic ultrasonography to measure the degree of enlargement (hydronephrosis) in the renal pelvis.

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Recent archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of a Hafnir cabin on the Reykjanes peninsula. Carbon dating shows that the lack of arable land was sometimes abandoned with the impetus to service at Greenland’s solution, starting after taking the break within the union, remained a Norwegian dependency, as part of Denmark-Norway.

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Vision, one of the most basic human senses, begins to develop 3 or 4 months after a child is born. Babies born at term can see their mothers’ facial expressions within the first week after birth.

Vision, one of the most basic human senses, begins to develop 3 or 4 months after a child is born. Babies born at term can see their mothers’ facial expressions within the first week after birth. In preterm babies, vision development occurs later. Therefore, these babies need to be closely monitored in the period immediately after birth, especially in terms of the development of the retinal layer. The first indication that the ability to see has improved is usually that the baby follows the people around him with his eyes. Over time, the baby’s visual reflex develops and the baby gradually regains its vision functions. The full development of the sense of vision in childhood is completed between the ages of 7 and 10. Visual disturbances that occur during the period from birth to this time may not be noticed for a long time, especially due to the inability of young children to fully explain their complaints. Eye diseases are seen in one out of every 4 children during the school year.

Since the posture of the eyes or some movements of children may indicate a possible vision problem, parents should be alert for such signs and should consult an ophthalmologist immediately. When your child makes eye contact with you, does both eyes stand parallel to each other? Do you have the impression that one eye has turned in or out, or that the two eyes are moving independently? Continuously turning your head in one direction while reading or watching television, tilt your head, keep one eye closed, blink frequently, squint or rub your eyes, Don’t look too closely while reading or writing, line scrolling or continuous finger following, dislike close affairs, short time Distraction or distraction while playing games, difficulty in hand-eye coordination tasks such as holding the ball, tying shoes or button-up buttons, and frequent headaches that may occur as a result of constant self-exertion to clarify the blackboard at school and focus on the writing are likely to have eye disorders. Children with complaints should be subjected to a computerized or retinoscopy eye examination, and if there is an eye disorder, it should be detected and treated. As a result of this examination using eye-expanding drops, it is determined whether the child has myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.

Myopia is popularly known as “nearsightedness”. It is an increasingly serious problem between the ages of 5 and 18. Simple myopia is seen in the society at a rate of 25 percent and full vision is gained with correction. As a result of correction in intermediate myopia, the eye can see completely or almost completely. In 60 percent of these types of problems, problems with the retina occur.

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Memorial Service Hospital Pediatric Surgery Department Experts gave information about groin constipation problems and treatment methods in children.

Most families have serious problems with their children’s defecation problems. Generally, 3% of patients who consult a pediatrician complain of constipation and soiling. Constipation is defined as a solid stool regardless of the frequency of defecation in children.

Although the cause may be hormonal and metabolic disorders, nervous disorders of the intestines, and drugs used for other reasons, the most common cause is functional constipation. There is no other underlying cause of functional constipation.

It is put by the presence of one or more of the above symptoms. However, in order to call the condition functional constipation, other causes must be ruled out.

If the underlying cause is found, treatment should be performed accordingly. In order to cope with functional constipation for which no other cause has been found, 3 goals must be achieved:

For this purpose, 3 drugs are used: poop softening syrup, pain relief cream and suppository. The usage of these drugs is as follows.

v It is removed after 5 minutes, whether it is pooping or not. It is not overly insisted. It is always treated with kindness and patience. When necessary, it is delighted with small rewards.

v The only way to deal with persistent constipation is to prevent the child from suffering from hard poop. Because the biggest fear of children who have been pooping hard for a long time is that their butt may hurt again while pooping. For this reason, the poo should be kept soft with the drugs to be given, and the pain sensation should be eliminated by numbing the anus area with the cream applied. The purpose of the suppository or enema used in the first 5-10 days is to get the child accustomed to the feeling of poop that he forgot at the beginning and to soften the last part of the poop, which is the hardest part. Suppositories or enemas are used for 5-10 days and then discontinued. Cream and syrup are used for at least 1 month depending on the condition of the disease. The purpose of the syrup is to keep the poop soft. Initially, the syrup is used in the amount prescribed by the doctor, but then the mother decreases or increases the dose of the syrup depending on the situation. Syrup and cream should not be left without consulting a doctor. None of these drugs make a habit, on the contrary, constipation becomes a habit when treatment is disrupted.

Apart from these, attention and care should be paid to the nutrition of the child during the treatment process. Prohibited and recommended foods are summarized below.

Constipation, which is generally ignored in our society, causes calcification of the stools in the large intestine and leakage of poo (encopresis) that can be spread over the kilograms if it is not treated. A child who misses poop moves away from his friends and has self-esteem problems. Apart from these, constipation causes anorexia, growth retardation, anemia, intermittent abdominal pain and leg pain. In addition, surgery may be required in advanced ages due to the problems caused by anal fissure (tear) and excessively enlarged large intestine.

The purpose of the suppository or enema used in the first 5-10 days is to get the child accustomed to the feeling of pooping that he forgot at the beginning and to soften the last part of the poop, which is the hardest part. Suppositories or enemas are used for 5-10 days and then discontinued. It does not make a habit, on the contrary, when treatment is disrupted, constipation becomes a habit.

If the syrup used in the treatment of constipation is used in recommended doses, it does not cause side effects. The mechanism of action of these syrups, which are not absorbed from the intestine, is to draw water into the poop and keep it in a softer consistency.

There could be two reasons for this. The first and most common is that the diet, which plays an important role in treatment, is not paid attention to or the treatment is not done properly. The second is that there is another underlying cause.

The most common cause of poo incontinence is constipation. If there is no other underlying cause and care is taken, it will definitely improve. At the same time, as this problem improves in children with poo incontinence, the child is more motivated and adapts better to treatment.

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Parents from Ankara, Istanbul, Kocaeli and Denizli, who share their distance education experiences, seek a remedy for these limited opportunities in a process where there is no internet, computer, and grandmothers take care of children.

The chaos in the education field with the Kovid-19 outbreak revealed the inequality in all its nakedness. television broadcast in Turkey, Education Information Network (EBA) content and various application ‘distance education’ on access to students’ education means nearly began without any preparation, there were many poor children have already removed thoroughly from educational opportunities is limited. While the difference between private and public schools is becoming clearer, experience also reveals that the risk of being completely stripped of educational opportunities, especially for poor girls, is increasing.

When we say “parents”, the first thing that comes to mind is women. While poor women are increasingly experiencing the anxiety of their children, they have searched for a solution by forcing their means. But the possibilities are so limited that the search for a “remedy” creates new problems. Education workers and experts are worried about the progress. Experts are concerned that the consequences of inequality in education will become irreparable and create irrecoverable differences between future generations.

Saliha (Ankara): For my 4th grade child, we asked everyone around for help, we said he should attend the classes over the phone, but we could not. I have a salary of 550 lira, and we cannot buy a tablet. I sent my child to his uncle so that he can attend live lessons. That’s why we had a fight with my wife.

Huse İbrahi (Ankara): It has been 4 years since I came from Iraq. 4 of my 6 daughters go to school. Only my wife works. We cannot afford to buy tablets and computers, we can only feed our stomach. When the live lessons started, the children were excited, but they could not attend the live lessons over the phone. We couldn’t get the internet connected at home. They couldn’t even watch EBA TV. Free tablets should be given to our children and free internet should be provided.

Adalet Ayten (Ankara): In distance education, everyone is treated as if they are equal. The truth is that we are not equal. I am a mother of 3 children, I live on a pension from my husband. My oldest son is preparing for the university entrance exam, one is in high school and the other is in primary school. Come on, we got the internet from neighbors. I cannot buy a tablet for my child, we had only one computer and it broke down.

Özlem (Kocaeli): Education has become increasingly unequal. They are calling children who do not have internet computers to school, does not the corona infect them when these children go to school? This means that the poor child may die, even if he does not live.

Esra (Kocaeli): Our teacher has no infrastructure to teach children, no computer, no internet. He was helpless and demanded a computer from us. He said that if a versatile narrative was desired, a computer should be purchased. We are not the one who will buy the computer, the state should support them, they leave us in a difficult situation.

Pınar Keklik (Denizli): I am a housewife. My older daughter has started 4th grade, and my younger daughter will start 1st grade. We decided not to send it because of the pandemic. My older daughter is trying to attend live classes from EBA. There are too many disruptions in the system, the lessons are not very efficient. Online lessons are 40 minutes, but 20 minutes sometimes pass by being connected.

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Generally, emergency service is preferred instead of child service. The reason for bringing it is that the child’s condition is very bad and the parents who are afraid of this are obliged to bring the child. Therefore, not only the people who brought it, but also the child should be asked to tell the event, if he is old enough to speak. Anamnesis, together with physical findings, is the best source to inform the doctor. Sometimes, if the physical findings are not obvious enough, only the anamnesis and the attitudes of the people who bring the child are informative. Anamnesis is very important as it can be used as legal evidence in advanced stages. Usually the child is the only witness. At that age, confabulation, that is because children have a wide imagination, telling as if there is something that does not exist, making up stories is very common, and what children tell and say to their parents, relatives or school teachers or during the anamnesis may cause suspicion. However, in cases of abuse, it is observed that children generally prefer to remain silent rather than speak, and in some cases they later deny what they said.

One of the features that should be considered while taking an anamnesis from the child is the type of the questions. It is important that the questions are not leading. Questions should be short, clear and understandable. For example “What happened? What else? Short questions such as “Did anything else happen?” And the participation of a second adult in the interview are also a positive factor. In addition, it is of great importance that the questions are recorded in writing during the anamnesis.

In practice, it is observed that the anamnesis is taken from the parent or caregiver of the child. In the vast majority of cases, secret agreements are made in the statements to be given, in order to protect each other, generally. Therefore, the anamnesis to be taken separately from the parents at different times is of great importance.

1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Being late in seeking medical help (Sometimes parents may not consult a doctor at all).

2. 2. 2. 2. 2. The accident story is an unrealistic story that lacks details and changes from person to person or from time to time.

4. 4. 4. 4. 4. Suspicious attitude of the parents (They mostly think of themselves – Ask questions such as when will we go).

7. 7. 7. 7. 7. Explanations made by the child. A private interview in an environment where the child feels safe is very helpful for diagnosis.

Physical examination in physical abuse cases: The most common form of physical abuse in a child is beating. It is seen that it is generally applied for discipline and punishment. Physical abuse has been observed in a wide spectrum, from slap to tool use. Therefore, it is not always easy to detect the findings on examination in cases of physical abuse. Clinical findings vary widely. Especially the skin, skeletal system or central nervous system are affected. But it should not be forgotten that other organs may also be affected.

Physical abuse injuries: Skin injuries are the most common and easily recognized lesions in an abused child. Skin injuries from superficial injuries such as 1st degree burns and abrasions, cuts and 2.-3. They give a variable appearance up to serious injuries such as degree burns. Ecchymoses are very important in terms of being the best finding showing the trauma applied to the child and providing information about the event with its localization, shape and color.

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Okan University Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychology Uzm. We talked with Emel Güler, a clinical psychologist, about what should come to our minds when we say “Happy Child” and our share as parents.

Hello there! In a way, it is difficult to define the happy child. However, a happy child does not mean a child without problems. Generally, when it comes to happy children, it comes to mind; There are children who do not cause any problems, do whatever the family wants, behave and obey the rules.

However, since children are constantly growing and developing, the curiosity, interest and desire to experience that increase with their growth bring conflict with them. Therefore; Children who can overcome the conflict between the boundaries of the family and their own needs, and who can maintain the balance between desire and prohibition, can express themselves, are happy children even if they have problems.

Of course, the happiness of the child is very related to the family structure and the family environment the child is in; It is known that children who grow up in environments where the family environment is balanced, parental attitude is consistent, there are limits at home but the rules are understandable, self-confidence development is more positive than children who do not grow up in such a family environment.

The need for love, approval and attention from their parents, starting from the moment children are born, continues for life. Although it is very difficult to make a single definition of “Happy Child”, if it is done, we can say that children who are satisfied with their needs for affection, approval and attention by their family are happy children.

Children’s happiness is actually the biggest desire of parents. However, as a society, we focus on the physical needs of our children. For example, our biggest goal is to eat his food, be full, cold, not sick… Can we say that we do not take into account the emotional needs of our children as much as the physical ones? What are the emotional needs of children, and what can we, as parents, do for the emotional development and happiness of our children?

Yes, you are right, in our society, meeting physical needs such as feeding, drinking, and protection from cold is prioritized and emotional needs can be ignored. Man is a bio-psycho-social being, and perhaps it is our characteristic of being a psycho-social being outside of our biological structure that separates us from other living things.

The importance of emotional needs in the psychological development of children has been the subject of many different studies in psychology. In this sense, the “Still face experiment” is an important experiment that shows how the baby’s reactions change according to his mother’s facial expression. It is seen that the baby, who sees the expression of love, interest and happiness on the mother’s face, responds to his mother by laughing peacefully, and when the mother looks at the baby with an unresponsive and dull expression, the baby becomes uneasy after a while and begins to scream.

This experiment shows that children need their parents’ affection, attention, and acceptance by them.

Children have special skills in reading their mothers ‘facial expressions and position themselves according to their mothers’ facial expressions. The mother’s love and emotional support is one of the most important factors in the formation of personality development, which gives information about what kind of person the child will be in the future.

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The examination of a non-cooperative, resistant child should be postponed, the repetition of the physical examination should be avoided, if there is any suspicion about the presence of physical symptoms in the story or if the incident occurred within the last 72 hours, the Forensic Medicine Specialist should be informed. In the first consultation, the physician should prepare the child for a genital examination, but privacy should be preserved. There should be as few people as possible in the examination. Most victims find physical examination traumatic. Therefore, the approach of the medical staff to the event should be gentle and reassuring. If the child is very young, the examination should be done under general anesthesia.

During the examinations of abused girls, it is necessary to determine the stage of sexual development, the size of the breasts, and the hair growth in the pubic region. It is important to identify and record this information because there may be changes in the sexual development stage of the child between the time the incident takes place and the date the court is due. In the gynecological examination, the general physical condition of the child should be recorded first. The condition of the patient’s clothing (blood stains, general condition, emotional state and hygienic condition) should be carefully recorded.

Areas of traumatic lesions and their colors should be specified in the general physical examination. Among these findings, especially those seen in the arms, neck and legs are significant in terms of abuse. After the general physical examination, the genital area is examined.

It is possible to examine most children in a room equipped to examine young children. Most children do not find any difficulties in this examination. During the external genital examination, it is important to tell the child what to do and to ask him / her to help. In children under seven years of age, genital examination while on the mother’s lap can make things easier. There is a great trauma in cases with vaginal penetration, surgery room and general anesthesia are required for examination and treatment. However, in many children, physical findings are less dramatic or absent. Some types of abuse are not physically evident. In some cases, even if there are physical injuries, this happens to the physician weeks, months or even years after the event. Over time, semen and other material wash away and most wounds heal. If this is the case, physical findings depend on the trauma the victim suffered.

Minimal trauma causes small wounds that heal in a short time and do not leave permanent scars. Deep lacerations heal in a longer time and leave permanent scars. Vulval irritations are a common finding in young children. These may be due to inadequate local hygiene, itching due to local infection, and wetness from the diaper. There are no well-defined criteria or accepted terminology for classifying the physical manifestations of sexual abuse. Different words are used to describe the same findings. Physical findings are classified for prepubertal girls.

2.Nonspecific findings: Genital anomalies that may result from sexual abuse, but can also be seen without it, such as inflammation and itching. These findings may be due to poor hygiene of the area or a nonspecific infection.

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incest dating Iceland scare dating Centuries go by, beginning with the formation of the country. The established settlement in present-day Reykjavik initially consisted of about 30, fleeing residents to escape the conflict from Norway.Large periods of isolation led genes to linger around, experimenting with genetic diseases, making the island a case study for researchers.

Iceland has a land the size of Kentucky, yet while Kentucky has a population of around four million, Iceland only has its inhabitants. When dating occurs, the majority of Icelanders meet potential suitors in the bar scene. They see very little daylight because of their geographic location, and they want to avoid gossip in narrow communities.

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Recent archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of a Hafnir cabin on the Reykjanes peninsula. Carbon dating Kalmar Union – the lack of this to Greenland also shows that Iceland was abandoned sometimes when the kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden were united, crossed the Kingdom of Norway which can be planted as impetus to the solution to the Possession. After the disintegration of the union, a Norwegian dependency remained, as part of Denmark-Norway.

In the centuries that followed, Iceland became one of Europe’s poorest countries. Barren land, Volcanic eruptions, deforestation and an unforgiving climate made for harsh living in a society whose livelihood depended almost entirely on agriculture.The Black Death swept Iceland twice, first – and again – The country has subsequently been formally Lutheran and has remained effective religion since Lutheranism.

When a map of Iceland was published in the 17th and 18th centuries in the early 17th century, Denmark was imposed with severe trade restrictions on Iceland.