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In addition, you went to the doctor and what he will do is look at some signs according to the developmental stages of the child and try to understand what he has done and what he cannot do. The only thing to be aware of is that these are not things that work on a punctual basis, but things we need to follow and be vigilant with within a certain confidence interval. Of course, there will be parents acting proactively. If you know the future of the child in the development stage, you can try to help him a little more in the games you play. For example, after a certain period of time, the child should be able to follow a toy you play.

There are different extreme approaches to this issue, and there is no consensus as to which is the right one. The baby doesn’t actually discover Tracy Hogg’s sleep and sleeping habits on its own, it learns from its parents, which is actually a teaching process. One of the most important things in this teaching process is consistency. In other words, it should be repeating that routine in a routine, as in gaining a habit, and bringing the hours of play, song, feeding, sleeping and waking up at the right time before that routine. This is the easy part.

The complicated side is at the point of attachment. There are two schools. One of them is about gaining a habit of sleeping with zero tears without crying; the other is, let it cry method. An approach that allows tearful babies to cry. The let it cry method is easy and does not require me to do anything. On the other hand, I think like this. When my child wants to trust me and needs me the most, I give him the following message, albeit from the bottom: “I’m not with you right now.” I did not feel good about giving this message so early and we and my wife did not make such a decision. Here the child already ceases to cry because he is tired, loses hope and sleeps because he has nothing left to do. After the 2nd or 3rd day, he sleeps immediately because he has no expectation anymore.

At one end, “Let him cry.” On the other end, “Let’s never cry.” school Meanwhile, the second has its difficulties. In him, it takes a very long time for the child to learn to sleep on his own, and constant parental attention is expected. What is said in sub-schools is: “Okay, let’s not cry much, but it is not possible not to cry at all. On the one hand, the problem with attachment should not be too much. Then let’s be with the child. Let’s take it on our lap when it starts to cry. As soon as he is silent, let’s put him in bed immediately. ” The child thus realizes: “I cannot stay in this hug for very long, but my parents are with me when I need them.”

On this issue, we cannot provide guidance to parents as to which one to choose because there is no consensus. We just offer the options and it is the parents who decide which one is suitable. For this reason, what we want from you is to research this subject and try to find the model that best suits your style and your child’s needs.

The game should be in the life of adults. While the game is very easy to apply and very efficient, parents can neglect it when it comes to work.

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