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If the injury was due to the accident, then the parents would be falsely accused and traumatized. Caregivers very rarely admit to abuse. They try to make you believe that the injury is due to the accident. In order to be able to recognize and detect abuse, it is necessary to bear in mind that abuse is a possibility and to be able to prove that injuries are due to an accident.

Children often wonder what is in front of them and move forward, so most accidental injuries happen on the front of the body. Specific areas of injury; The forehead, nose, chin, wrist, elbows and areas where the skin and bone are in close contact. Lesions on the palms can be due to an accident, occurring when the child is falling or handing a hot stove or iron. But palms and backs are also the areas most used for punishment. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in lesions in these regions. The hips, genitals, abdomen, back and side parts of the body, especially the lateral parts of the face, often suggest abuse. Abrasions in the genital and anal areas are often related to abuse.

Whether the injury is what the child says or what the caregiver says is to be determined by the doctor. Then, the second step is to determine whether the child is at the level of being able to do this injury and his / her development. If the parents say that the child caused a lesion that is disproportionate to the development of the child, or if the injury is of a much more serious extent than the incident described, then the story told is not correct and should be considered as a non-accidental injury.

Falls: Usually children have minor injuries due to falls. In this house, it can be in the form of stairs, beds, sofas, falling from a chair. Sometimes a single skull fracture can occur. If there were serious injuries as a result of such a fall and it is incompatible with this story, then child abuse should be considered. Many abrasions occur in falls from stairs, but life-threatening lesions rarely occur. Abrasions are more common in falls from cars. Lesions are dirty and appear to contain soil, mud, and other substances on the road. It can occur in multiple parts of the body, depending on the speed of the car. This is due to the rolling of the child.

Examination Methods: The most useful examination method in cases of physical abuse in infants and children is radiological examination. The first uncovering of this event is the work of Caffey in 1946 with radiological examination. Most of the findings found in the radiological examination are only the results of physical abuse and violence performed more than once. Radiological examination is mandatory to reveal skeletal system damage. It is very useful in showing not only the time of the fracture, but also the number and abnormalities in the bone. Radiological examination is mandatory in cases where there is no trauma in the clinical history and does not give any symptoms externally, so that the doctor does not miss the event.

Since injuries to the peripheral bones are common, their examination should not be neglected.

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