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Enrichment activities can be done. In other words, you can animate the world of the book, you can portray a character, the child plays a character, and you can create a new game with those characters. With the questions we will ask we need to focus on harnessing the imagination. It is necessary to allow him to contribute to the story, too.

Not only this series, you can continue to learn every day by making an individual or corporate application to access information distilled from all books, not only in this series, but also in communication training, stress management, basic management skills or human brain and behavior, and many more series.

Culture is often a guide and tells things, but culture cannot guide things that enter our new lives, such as digital screens, because we don’t have the habits that sit around it. WHO (World Health Organization – World Health Organization) recommends zero screen up to the age of 3. Instead of dealing with something that was available in the house, we made a joint decision with my wife and removed the TV in the house. Behavioral economics tells us that human beings have an irrational side as well as a rational side. In other words, things like landscaping are as important as choosing things voluntarily.

When we look at a screen as adults, we notice that there is an abstraction there. We are aware that this person is not alive now, this is a recording made at another time, an answer to me, and another dimension of perception that he will not react, but a child does not understand this in this abstraction. Even getting to know yourself in the mirror starts after a certain age.

85% of the brain develops between the ages of 0-3, and it is a huge waste of time to leave the child in front of the screen in a way that does not react in any way to him in this important process and never fits the 3T Model we explained earlier. At the moment, we do not have research results based on very precise data on screens. Looking right now, it seems dangerous and not worth the risk.

Between the ages of 0-2, he shouldn’t even see us playing on the phone. There are many people who use it because it makes the job very easy, but it can have very bad consequences, especially for the 0-2 year olds. Schools that allow 2-3 years of age are of the opinion that a maximum of 1 hour per day is allowed.

It should not be in an isolated way that the screens begin to enter a child’s life. It should be under the supervision of the family and ideally by playing or watching games together.

The main theme of Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish’s book How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk is; Give a signal that you understand the other party’s feelings. When he can name human emotions, he can conceptualize them. Therefore, when you make the child feel that you understand, he can reason. Showing that you understand it does not mean you are entitled to it. The two are not the same, but you have to show that you understand.

Don’ts: Blame, threaten, give orders, make long speeches, philosophize, use trope, use sarcasm, do not label.

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