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Parents from Ankara, Istanbul, Kocaeli and Denizli, who share their distance education experiences, seek a remedy for these limited opportunities in a process where there is no internet, computer, and grandmothers take care of children.

The chaos in the education field with the Kovid-19 outbreak revealed the inequality in all its nakedness. television broadcast in Turkey, Education Information Network (EBA) content and various application ‘distance education’ on access to students’ education means nearly began without any preparation, there were many poor children have already removed thoroughly from educational opportunities is limited. While the difference between private and public schools is becoming clearer, experience also reveals that the risk of being completely stripped of educational opportunities, especially for poor girls, is increasing.

When we say “parents”, the first thing that comes to mind is women. While poor women are increasingly experiencing the anxiety of their children, they have searched for a solution by forcing their means. But the possibilities are so limited that the search for a “remedy” creates new problems. Education workers and experts are worried about the progress. Experts are concerned that the consequences of inequality in education will become irreparable and create irrecoverable differences between future generations.

Saliha (Ankara): For my 4th grade child, we asked everyone around for help, we said he should attend the classes over the phone, but we could not. I have a salary of 550 lira, and we cannot buy a tablet. I sent my child to his uncle so that he can attend live lessons. That’s why we had a fight with my wife.

Huse İbrahi (Ankara): It has been 4 years since I came from Iraq. 4 of my 6 daughters go to school. Only my wife works. We cannot afford to buy tablets and computers, we can only feed our stomach. When the live lessons started, the children were excited, but they could not attend the live lessons over the phone. We couldn’t get the internet connected at home. They couldn’t even watch EBA TV. Free tablets should be given to our children and free internet should be provided.

Adalet Ayten (Ankara): In distance education, everyone is treated as if they are equal. The truth is that we are not equal. I am a mother of 3 children, I live on a pension from my husband. My oldest son is preparing for the university entrance exam, one is in high school and the other is in primary school. Come on, we got the internet from neighbors. I cannot buy a tablet for my child, we had only one computer and it broke down.

Özlem (Kocaeli): Education has become increasingly unequal. They are calling children who do not have internet computers to school, does not the corona infect them when these children go to school? This means that the poor child may die, even if he does not live.

Esra (Kocaeli): Our teacher has no infrastructure to teach children, no computer, no internet. He was helpless and demanded a computer from us. He said that if a versatile narrative was desired, a computer should be purchased. We are not the one who will buy the computer, the state should support them, they leave us in a difficult situation.

Pınar Keklik (Denizli): I am a housewife. My older daughter has started 4th grade, and my younger daughter will start 1st grade. We decided not to send it because of the pandemic. My older daughter is trying to attend live classes from EBA. There are too many disruptions in the system, the lessons are not very efficient. Online lessons are 40 minutes, but 20 minutes sometimes pass by being connected.

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